It is a brave person indeed who attempts to explain the nature of the universe before the Big Bang, especially without resorting to religious or New Age waffle. The adage, “anyone who claims to completely understand quantum physics is either a fool or liar,” could be extended to “attempts to explain the beginning of the universe.”

Kinney is neither! He has provided in this book a well-argued thesis that helps us to expand our understanding, and notably our exceptions to understanding, the genesis of the (not our) universe.

Considering the complexity of the subject matter, this book is extremely well written. The reader may ignore the smattering of mathematical equations without losing their way in the Kinneyian multiverses. He uses simple analogies to explain complex cosmological conundrums—introducing to the reader the well-established theory of “cosmological inflation.”

The book has eight chapters, with explanatory diagrams and drawings, followed by a Glossary,...

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