Republic of Imagination. That is what Iranian-American writer Azar Nafisi calls the land of belonging for those that don’t belong anywhere but belong everywhere. As she puts it, it is a place that is intensely personal but shared globally.

The Republic of Imagination. Sublime.

Sublime because nothing drives the need to belong and connect like not belonging and not connecting. Sublime because The Republic of Imagination belongs to all sof us. Sublime because I am a resident of that republic.

Today, we are announcing a three-year partnership with Tsinghua University and Zhuangshi Journal of Art and Design. During this time, we will publish three special, bilingual issues of Leonardo examining key and emerging concepts in design and technology. Anchored around a global call for papers, we invite and seek to include diverse views on issues impacting our planet and species.

While we have been in conversations for years, the fact...

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