Krista DeNio

The NETWORK project (of which I am choreographer/director/ instigator) is an ongoing exploration and creation of audience-participatory, land-based performance experiences. These experiences are intended to share biological processes for communication and survival employed by tree communities and offer opportunities to contemplate ways/ methods/design of systems that humans could implement in our own communities.

In the beginning, we met with Jonathan Cordero and Gregg Castro of the Association of Ramaytush Ohlone to have a conversation about working on their people’s land and the concepts and precepts of the NETWORK project. Our team (including biologist/core collaborator Chloe Crotzer; sound engineer Elton Bradman; map designer Maria Dolores McVarish; cocreators Diana Lara, Heidi Erickson, Maica Folch, Mindy Zarem, Grace Shaver, Rosemary Hannon, paige sorvillo, and Amy Cranch; and poet Elizabeth Costello) was quickly grounded by our new friends in understanding the difference in the relationships that western cultures have to land and...

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