Lichens: Toward a Minimal Resistance by Vincent Zonca; translated by Jody Gladding. Reviewed by Gregory F. Tague.

Life in the Posthuman Condition: Critical Responses to the Anthropocene, edited by S.E. Wilmer and Audronė Žukauskaitė. Reviewed by Jacob Thompson-Bell.

The Unification of the Arts: A Frame-work for Understanding what the Arts Share and Why by Steven Brown. Reviewed by Jan Baetens.

Arte Programmata: Freedom, Control, and the Computer in 1960s Italy by Lindsay Caplan. Reviewed by Ian Verstegen.

Is Consciousness Everywhere? Essays in Panpsychism, edited by Philip Goff and Axel Moran. Reviewed by Michael Punt.

Justice for Animals: Our Collective Responsibility by Martha C. Nussbaum. Reviewed by Gregory F. Tague.

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