The authors describe a practical method for assessing personal profiles of color:word, color:taste, color:music and color:odor synesthesia. The Netherlands Color Synesthesia (NeCoSyn) method is based on the Swedish Natural Color System and the test of genuineness for colored-word synesthesia developed by Baron-Cohen et al. The NeCoSyn method has been tested scientifically and shown to reliably distinguish different types of color synesthesia. It provides individual profiles of color synesthesia in the dimensions of hue, chroma and blackness. This article describes the method and discusses possible applications of NeCoSyn profiles in different fields of the arts and sciences.

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Author notes

Crétien van Campen is a psychological researcher and editor of the Leonardo On-Line bibliography “Synesthesia in Art and Science.”

Clara Froger is a visual artist, color consultant and synesthete. In her work as an artist she tries to capture her colorful experiences in paintings and sculpture.