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Submissions Guidelines

1. Submission and Review Policy

All submissions—articles, contributions to Remarks and Replies, and contributions to Squibs and Discussion—undergo double-blind review. Manuscripts submitted for review should include

  • no author’s name or affiliation, either on the title page or at the end of the reference list
  • no running heads that show the author’s name
  • no internal references that make the author’s identity clear (e.g., when referring to your own previously published work, refer to yourself in the third person: As Smith (2011) observes rather than As I observed in Smith 2011)
  • no hidden identification information, or metadata
  • It is the author’s responsibility to anonymize the manuscript. Manuscripts that arrive with author’s identification will be returned without review.

2. Submitting a Paper for Review

  • Articles (except for contributions from Europe) and all Remarks and Replies
  • Articles (European contributions):
  • Squibs and Discussion:

3. Manuscript Length

The editors request that article manuscripts be limited to 50 manuscript pages, and Remarks and Replies manuscripts to 25 manuscript pages. These page guidelines include notes, tables, and figures but not references and are based on double-spaced pages typed in a 12-point font and with 1¼-inch margins.

The editors request that Squibs and Discussion manuscripts be limited to 12 pages (guidelines as above). Manuscripts accepted as Squibs will not be required to propose a solution to problems they address as long as their relevance to theoretical issues is made clear.

4. Manuscript Format—Submissions

Contributors should follow the Linguistic Inquiry style sheet in preparing manuscripts for submission. The current style sheet is available in PDF format here: Style Sheet.

5. Manuscript Format—Accepted Manuscripts

If a manuscript accepted to appear in Linguistic Inquiry does not fully conform to the style sheet, it is the responsibility of the author(s) to provide a final draft that does follow the style requirements, before the publication process can begin. We will be happy to answer any questions authors may have about the style sheet requirements (contact Sheelah Ward,

In view of the double-blind review process, the following changes are needed once a paper has been accepted for publication. If you are sending the accepted, final version of your article, Remarks and Replies contribution, or squib for copyediting:

  • put your name (and any coauthors’ names) on the title page
  • put your (and any coauthors’) affiliation (department + institution) and e-mail address at the end of the reference list
  • change third-person references to yourself in the text back to first-person references (e.g., change As Smith (2011) observes to As I observed in Smith 2011)

6. Copyright

It is the policy of The MIT Press to own the copyright to the contributions it publishes. This policy most effectively protects authors and the Press from the consequences of copyright infringement and facilitates the appropriate use of contributions by others, while granting authors full rights to reuse their own material. Therefore, in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law, we request that authors submit a signed copyright transfer form before production begins.

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