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Current Issue
Volume 30
Volume 30 - December 2020

2020 Google Scholar h5-index: 5
ISSN: 0961-1215 E-ISSN: 1531-4812

Editorial Director Erica Hruby

Leonardo Music Journal (LMJ) was for 30 years the annual companion journal to Leonardo. LMJ was devoted to aesthetic and technical issues in contemporary music and the sonic arts. Each issue featured artists and writers from around the world, representing a wide range of stylistic viewpoints. Recent issues covered improvisation, musical communities, live performance in the digital age, and the politics of sound art. Each volume included the latest offering from the LMJ audio series—an exciting sampling of works chosen by a guest curator and accompanied by notes from the composers and performers.

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Beginning in 2021, the type of innovation and groundbreaking work featured in LMJ for 30 years has greater visibility through yearlong inclusion in Leonardo journal, which expanded its publication from five to six issues annually.

Individual back issues of LMJ are available via MIT Press. Back issues from volumes 1-21 are available at JSTOR.

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