Neural Computation was founded with the goal of providing a home for the best research in computational approaches to understanding brain function. With this issue, Neural Computation is now all electronic (color illustrations are free) and also has a broader scope.

The goal of the BRAIN Initiative, announced by President Obama on April 2, 2013, is to accelerate progress in understanding basic principles of brain function by developing innovative neurotechnologies. The BRAIN 2025 report on the BRAIN Initiative highlighted theory, modeling, computation, and statistics (TMCS) as essential to this goal (

The neurotechniques developed by the BRAIN Initiative will scale up the acquisition of data by three orders of magnitude in the next decade. Every area of neuroscience, from molecular to systems, can benefit from advanced computational techniques to analyze, model, and interpret these data, serving as the foundation for conceptual advances in brain theories.

Neural Computation is...

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