In the May 2016 issue of Neural Computation (Volume 28, Number 5, pp. 914–949), the letter “State-Space Analysis of Granger-Geweke Causality Measures with Application to fMRI” by Victor Solo was printed with incomplete acknowledgments.

The published acknowledgment reads:

This work was partially supported by NIH grant P41EB015896.

The complete acknowledgment should read:

This work was partially supported by the NIH grant P41EB015896. The author would first like to thank Martinos Center colleagues Dr. Bruce Rosen and Dr. Robert Weiskoff who raised crucial questions during a joint discussion of Granger causality and fMRI (held in 1998), which ultimately led to this paper. Thanks are also due to Dr. Graham Goodwin who asked a critical question during an IEEE Control Engineering conference presentation that led to the work on the reverse problem. Special thanks are due to a referee who posed a series of critical questions that led to a major expansion...

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