Erratum to “A Note on Divergences” by Xiao Liang, Neural Computation Vol. 28, No. 10, pp. 2045–2062 (2016)


In order to assist readers interested in obtaining new results on divergences, I write this erratum to the version of this article initially published.

The second paragraph of Remark 1 should appear as follows:

We just disproved Amari’s conjecture for the general case of

On page 2058, “

Acknowledgments should appear as follows:

I thank the referees very much for helpful comments and suggestions, which led to my revision on section 3. Moreover, I am grateful to the referees for bringing Amari (2016) and Jiao, Courtade, No, Venkat, and Weissman (2015) to my attention. I thank Z. Lei of Fudan University for valuable instructions, comments, and suggestions on the note.

On page 2062, “Interference” in line 2 should be...

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