We describe a simple method to transfer from weights in deep neural networks (NNs) trained by a deep belief network (DBN) to weights in a backpropagation NN (BPNN) in the recursive-rule eXtraction (Re-RX) algorithm with J48graft (Re-RX with J48graft) and propose a new method to extract accurate and interpretable classification rules for rating category data sets. We apply this method to the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Data Set (WBCD), the Mammographic Mass Data Set, and the Dermatology Dataset, which are small, high-abstraction data sets with prior knowledge. After training these three data sets, our proposed rule extraction method was able to extract accurate and concise rules for deep NNs trained by a DBN. These results suggest that our proposed method could help fill the gap between the very high learning capability of DBNs and the very high interpretability of rule extraction algorithms such as Re-RX with J48graft.

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