Most community question answering (CQA) websites manage plenty of question-answer pairs (QAPs) through topic-based organizations, which may not satisfy users' fine-grained search demands. Facets of topics serve as a powerful tool to navigate, refine, and group the QAPs. In this work, we propose FACM, a model to annotate QAPs with facets by extending convolution neural networks (CNNs) with a matching strategy. First, phrase information is incorporated into text representation by CNNs with different kernel sizes. Then, through a matching strategy among QAPs and facet label texts (FaLTs) acquired from Wikipedia, we generate similarity matrices to deal with the facet heterogeneity. Finally, a three-channel CNN is trained for facet label assignment of QAPs. Experiments on three real-world data sets show that FACM outperforms the state-of-the-art methods.

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