A complex-valued Hopfield neural network (CHNN) is a multistate Hopfield model. A quaternion-valued Hopfield neural network (QHNN) with a twin-multistate activation function was proposed to reduce the number of weight parameters of CHNN. Dual connections (DCs) are introduced to the QHNNs to improve the noise tolerance. The DCs take advantage of the noncommutativity of quaternions and consist of two weights between neurons. A QHNN with DCs provides much better noise tolerance than a CHNN. Although a CHNN and a QHNN with DCs have the samenumber of weight parameters, the storage capacity of projection rule for QHNNs with DCs is half of that for CHNNs and equals that of conventional QHNNs. The small storage capacity of QHNNs with DCs is caused by projection rule, not the architecture. In this work, the ebbian rule is introduced and proved by stochastic analysis that the storage capacity of a QHNN with DCs is 0.8 times as many as that of a CHNN.

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