Visualizations of networks is complex since they are multidimensional and generally convey large amounts of information. The layout of the visualization can communicate either network properties or spatial properties of the network. Generating such figures to effectively convey information and be accurate can be difficult and time-consuming, and it can require expert knowledge. Here, we introduce NetPlotBrain (short for network plots onto brains), a Python package for Python 3.9+. The package offers several advantages. First, NetPlotBrain provides a high-level interface to easily highlight and customize results of interest. Second, it presents a solution to promote accurate plots through its integration with TemplateFlow. Third, it integrates with other Python software, allowing for easy integration to include networks from NetworkX or implementations of network-based statistics. In sum, NetPlotBrain is a versatile but easy to use package designed to produce high-quality network figures while integrating with open research software for neuroimaging and network theory.

NetPlotBrain is a Python package to easily create network visualizations on a brain and view brain anatomy. NetPlotBrain is integrated with TemplateFlow and popular Python packages, the former facilitating the selection of the appropriate template or atlas from the available options and the latter providing the user with easy customization and fine-tuning.

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