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Call for Papers

Special issue: The role of the cerebellum in language comprehension and production



Researchers studying the neural basis of language comprehension and production frequently propose a possible role for the cerebellum. Recent years have seen the continued emergence of theoretical frameworks that consider potential roles of the cerebellum, and a growth in empirical work seeking to test and differentiate between competing theories.


This special issue of Neurobiology of Language invites submissions that address the central question of the role of the cerebellum in language comprehension and production. The focus should be on bringing together behavioral and neural evidence that bears upon this question. This may involve the use of an empirical approach that integrates behavioral and neural measures, the synthesis of prior behavioral and neural findings, or both. Work that expands beyond spoken language and production, such as the study of reading or writing processes, is welcome. 


Please see here for a full description and timeline.

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