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Call for Papers

Special Issue: Cognitive Computational Neuroscience of Language

In recent years, deep learning language models have reached remarkable performance on many complex language tasks. A rapidly evolving research program at the interface of artificial intelligence and cognitive neuroscience focuses on the question of whether these computational models can serve as models of language processing in the human brain.

This special issue of Neurobiology of Language invites submissions — theoretical and empirical — at the intersection of computational linguistics, neuroscience of language, and psycholinguistics. The central question is whether the level of performance on sentence comprehension tasks displayed by deep learning language models is achieved through mechanisms comparable to the ones employed by the human brain. The focus should be on how the architecture, the training task, and the internal representations of deep learning language systems compare and relate to those of the language network in the human brain.

Please see here for a full description and timeline.

The deadline for submitting papers is December 15, 2022.

Neurobiology of Language is a gold open access journal published by MIT Press as the home journal of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language.
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