From 1921 to 1930, the State Academy of Artistic Sciences (Gosudarstvennaia Akademiia Khudozhestvennykh Nauk, or GAKhN) organized lectures, performances, concerts, and conferences and staged nearly two hundred art exhibitions. The academy's diverse membership included Marxist philosophers, avant-garde theorists, art scholars, scientists, and literary critics, many of whom worked on a dictionary of artistic terms that was conceived as a companion to other lexica planned by the academy including a Dictionary of Artistic Technology. Although the dictionary was never completed, scholar Igor' Chubarov has reconstructed the 313 lemmata from various documents and archival sources. Almost fifty entries have been translated for this issue, including terms for the formal analysis of art (“plane,” “surface,” “composition and construction”), entries written by practitioners of note (Moisei Ginzburg's entry for “architecture”), and historical documents of the discourse of the period (Nikolai Tarabukin on paper architecture in America).

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