Benjamin Buchloh speaks with German artist, musician, and critic Jutta Koether about the many ways in which Koether blurs the lines between painting and performance in her practice, “reinstalling,” in her words, painting as a “platform, a potential, [and] a performance.” Koether discusses the formative role of New Wave and punk culture in her practice, particularly her time at Spex magazine; her studies in Cologne in the late 1970s and the anti-aesthetic impulse in painting from Picabia to Polke to Kippenberger; and her time in New York in the late 1980s and ′90s. Special attention is paid to her relationship to Poussin, both in her paintings TheSeasons and TheSacraments and in her performance at Harvard in April 2013, as well as to early works like Inside Job (1992).

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