An extension of her exhibition review “Image of the Bauhaus” from two years before, this essay was the first to foreground how the Bauhaus was being historicized, even as that history was still in formation. Her method is aphoristic, as she assembles an arsenal of quotations and phrases culled from the press and various other publications. Through strategic juxtaposition, as well as recourse to an unstated personal involvement in the history that she discusses, she demonstrates the emergence and consolidation of various Bauhaus mythologies.


Originally published as “Fragen der Interpretation” in Bauhaus und Bauhäusler: Bekenntnisse und Erinnerungen, ed. Eckhard Neumann (Stuttgart: Hallwag, 1971), pp. 169–78. Trans. by Eva Richter and Alba Lorman in Bauhaus and Bauhaus People: Personal Opinions and Recollections of Former Bauhaus Members and Their Contemporaries, ed. Eckhard Neumann, rev. ed. (New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1993), pp. 237–46. (Note that an earlier version of Neumann's anthology, published in English in spring 1970, does not include Moholy's text.) The 1993 translation is based on the 1985 German reedition of Neumann's book, in which two paragraphs are curiously reordered. Not knowing who was responsible for this change, I have used the original 1971 text.—Trans.

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