writing aloud is not phonological but phonetic: its aim is not the clarity of messages, the theater of emotions; what it searches for (in a perspective of bliss) are the pulsional incidents, the language lined with flesh, a text where we can hear the grain of the throat, the patina of consonants, the voluptuousness of vowels, a whole carnal stereophony.

—Régis Durand, “The Disposition of the Voice”

Although it's commonplace to distinguish between live theatre and recorded media, recorded performance is everywhere on the contemporary stage. Many productions use live-feed video during the performance, either to provide a simultaneously recorded and broadcast counterpoint to/within the live action, or sometimes—as in Gob Squad's Revolution Now, first staged at Berlin's Volksbühne in 2010—to collocate events, interviews, or performances outside the theatre with those happening inside. Staged film has been a prominent dimension of the visual field of theatre at least since...

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