Particular Matter(s), an installation by Tomás Saraceno, The Shed, New York, NY, February 11–April 17, 2022.

How does a spider experience the world? This is a question I hadn’t really considered before visiting Tomás Saraceno’s Particular Matter(s) exhibition. It meditates on a central question: How can humans learn to experience our environment differently beyond the human perspective? Exploring this idea throughout the vast gallery space, Saraceno’s compiles new and existing work that accompanies the centerpiece of the exhibit: a ninety-five-foot-diameter spherical installation entitled Free the Air: How to Hear the Universe in a Spider/Web.

The collection of pieces throughout the exhibit exemplifies Saraceno’s body of work. It is aesthetically captivating, playing with form, material, and scale, and is underpinned by an educational and ecocritical intent. Saraceno is an Argentinian artist and trained architect, which is reflected in his larger installations that invite the audience to touch or even crawl...

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