it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!, a theatrical cabaret written and performed by John Fleck, directed by David Schweizer, Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, February 19-March 20, 2022.

I am writing this on March 8, 2022, in the midst of a war and a planet is in crisis. You will probably read this months from now in a very different reality. I haven’t written a performance review since the very beginning of 2020. During the Covid years, going to live performance was out of the question. Watching the earnest attempts of dancers and theatre performers in the flat, limited, and distanced space of the computer screen became increasingly frustrating to the point of boredom and despair. So I stopped watching. And with my own sense of deprivation came the realization that live performance matters more than ever.

This became the core theme of John Fleck’s latest work it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!,...

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