Swallow is one of sixteen plays on the life of St. Paul and his letters. The central subject is the heart cracked open, overflowing with love and wanting love to make its way through the world in practical terms, materially known.

How does one walk the walk of love—living up to social ideals and deep longings? Roundtables and conversations open out consideration of the practical place of love in activism: its efficacy, subtlety, and misappropriations.

The title of the series overall is Nauageo, a Greek word that appears twice in the Bible, once in connection with St. Paul: “to be shipwrecked.” The project accepts Paul as a challenging conversational partner; the play series argues with him, flees from him, flees with him … makes wrecked language; is wrecked with him.

The plays focus on youth (too little experience) and old age (too much experience: questions of forgiveness, integrity of...

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