Correction to: Maria Santesmases, “Women in Early Human Cytogenetics: An Essay on a Gendered History of Chromosome Imaging,” in the special issue, “Heredity and Evolution in an Ibero-American Context,” Perspectives on Science (2020) 28 (2): 170–200.

In this article, on page 177, in the sentence beginning: “Among these was Barbara McClintock,” the date of McClintock’s publication should read “1930” (not 1929). On page 178, the caption of Figure 4 should read: “From McClintock 1930, pp. 792, 793; reproduced with permission ….” To the References, on page 197, should be added: “McClintock, Barbara. 1930. “A cytological demonstration of the location of an interchange between two non-homologous chromosomes of Zea mays.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 16 (12): 791–796.”