We regret the following errors in Presence 1(1), Winter 1992.

1 On page 157, the information concerning the book edited by steve Ellis should be modified as follows: MS 239-2 should be changed to MS 262-2; his phone number should be 415-604-6147; his correct E-mail address is [email protected]. Also, M. K. Kaiser and A. C. Grunwald served as section editors. The book is published by Taylor and Francis, London, 1991 (U.S. distributor: Taylor and Francis, Inc., 1900 Frost Road, Suite 101, Bristol, PA 19007).

On page 158, the telephone number for Telepresence Research should be 415-325-8951.

The Appendix to the piece by Tom Sheridan on page 126 should be replaced by the following:

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