Although there are many adaptive (or view-dependent) multiresolution methods, support for progressive transmission and reconstruction has not been addressed. A major reason for this is that most of these methods require a large portion of the hierarchical data structure to be available at the client before rendering starts. This is due to the dependency constraints among neighboring vertices. In this paper, we present an efficient, adaptive, multiresolution method that allows progressive and selective model transmission. It is achieved by reducing the neighboring dependency to a minimum. The new method allows visually important parts of an object to be transmitted to the client at higher priority than the less important parts, and progressively reconstructed there for display. It is even possible to transmit only the visible parts of a model and reconstruct these visible parts at the client. The ability to selectively transmit allows the visualization of very large models across the network with minimal delay. We will present how our method works in a client-server environment. We will also show the data structure of the transmission record and some performance results of the method.

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