The dynamics of a PHANToM Premium 1.5A haptic device from SensAble Technologies, Inc. is experimentally identified and analyzed for different installations of the device and its accessories, such as the typical upright, upside down, with gimbal and counterbalance weight, and with force sensor.1 An earlier formulation of the robot dynamic model is augmented with a friction model, linearly parameterized, and experimentally identified using least squares. The identified dynamics are experimentally evaluated with an inverse dynamics controller and verified by comparing user hand force estimates with the measured values. The contribution of different dynamic terms such as inertial, Coriolis and centrifugal, gravitational, and Coulomb and viscous friction are demonstrated and discussed. The identified model can be used for a variety of haptic applications, such as hand force estimation, accurate active gravity compensation and counterbalance weight determination for various installation conditions, and model-based control for haptic simulation and teleoperation.

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