As 3D movie screenings have recently seen an increase in popularity, it would appear that 3D is finally ready to stand the test of time. To examine the effect of 3D on the experience of enjoyment, we refer to the model of entertainment by Vorderer, Klimmt, and Ritterfeld (2004), according to which both technological and personal prerequisites can induce enjoyment. The model was further adapted for the cinema context by including the appeal of special effects, fanship, age, and gender. To ascertain the impact of the suggested prerequisites, we conducted a field study comparing the enjoyment experiences of 2D and 3D audiences watching the same fantasy movies in a between-subjects design (N = 289). Results showed that the technological features of stereoscopic 3D cannot predict enjoyment. However, the feeling of presence, the appeal of the special effects, and fanship are predictors of enjoyment.

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