A two-handed direct manipulation VE (virtual environment) interface has been developed as an intuitive manipulation metaphor for graphical objects. A new input device called ChordGloves introduces a simple technique for rapid and repeatable gesture recognition; the Chordgloves emulate a pair of 3-D mice and a keyboard. A drafting table is isomorphically mapped into the VE and provides hand support for 2-D interface techniques, as well as a reference frame for calibrating the mapping between real and virtual worlds. A cursor gravity function is used to grab vertices, edges, or faces and establish precisely aligned differential constraints between objects called anchors. The capability of subjects to translate, rotate, scale, align, and glue objects is tested with a puzzle building task. An approximation of the puzzle task is done in Adobe Illustrator to provide a performance reference. Results and informal user observations as well as topics for future work are presented.

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