The aim of the Metaverse is to become a major achievement in the realm of cyberspace, envisioning a significant advancement toward a more immersive and interactive internet experience. Given the potential impact of this new development, a thorough understanding of people's intentions to use this technology is warranted. Drawing on the theoretical tenets of Uses and Gratification theory and I-P-R framework, a research model was developed that incorporates three types of gratification (hedonic, utilitarian, and social) and three psychological perceptions (immersion, telepresence, and realism) that are related to people's behavioral intentions. Structural equation modeling was used as an analytical strategy based on a representative sample of 617 respondents. Results showed that all three gratifications and perceptions were positively associated with people's intentions to use Metaverse technology. In conclusion, this model offers a relevant starting point toward establishing a timely research line on users' perceptions and engagements with Metaverse technology.

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