This paper shares the experiences of operating an immersive visualization laboratory over a 15-year period. The paper discusses valuable insights into the lessons learned from various projects, including the challenges they faced, such as technical difficulties, user adoption, and practical solutions for overcoming them. One crucial element for successful immersive visualization projects is interdisciplinary collaboration. The paper presents the advantages of immersive visualization technology, such as improved data comprehension, enhanced communication, and increased engagement in complex scenarios. We present the dynamic realm of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technology in the context of an immersive laboratory system. We spotlight rising trends inside the integration of VR/AR tools for visualization. We also present our experience in dealing with the hardware and software additives in immersive VR/AR labs, shedding light on the demanding situations and successes encountered throughout everyday operations. Furthermore, we offer practical knowledge and guidance based on years of experience in the field, which can help you overcome challenges and achieve success in your project.

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