Google Scholar (GS) has aroused a good deal of interest among the bibliometric and scientometric community, owing to its capacity for gathering publication data, tracking citations, and creating metrics. This has led to reflections on its potential value as a means of enhancing evaluative procedures. However, although being a useful tool because of its wide coverage, it has been monitored by specialists. For this reason, we aimed to map out the publications in the areas of Information Science & Library Science and/or Computer Science that make use of GS through a bibliometric review. Comprising data retrieved from the WoS and Dimensions, the results drew the attention of the bibliometric and scientometric community to the range of research problems in studies using GS. They also made it possible to identify the most prolific countries and authors and their preferred sources for publication. The presence of non-Anglophone countries and those from Latin America highlights the importance of alternative information sources to bibliometric and scientometric studies.

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