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MIT Press Statement on Alessandro Strumia’s “Gender issues in fundamental physics: a bibliometric analysis”

We recognize that publishing Alessandro Strumia’s “Gender issues in fundamental physics: a bibliometric analysis” in the Winter 2021 issue of Quantitative Science Studies is controversial. Because of this, QSS editors decided to publish multiple commentaries on the article along with a rejoinder from the author; we believe that this provides needed context and a thorough examination of the data and arguments made by Strumia. The MIT Press welcomes the opportunity to publish these wide-ranging views and offer a platform for vigorous debate on their merits. We hope that this approach sheds more light than heat on gender bias in the sciences. 

The MIT Press has a strong legacy of commitment to publishing scholarship on gender biases in science. Books such as Programmed InequalityRecoding GenderSharing the Workand The Autobiography of a Transgender Scientist rigorously explore the barriers in STM that women have faced and the tremendous losses to science that have resulted, and offer useful suggestions about how to make the landscape more fair and just. Many more examples are available on our Women in Science homepage. Additionally, the MIT Press-published Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience has built a gender bias tool intended to identify papers that have an abnormally high disparity in citations based on the gender of authors referenced in the paper. The Press continues to seek new works and ways to examine gender biases via new perspectives and methods and has committed to the principles in the Joint Commitment for Action on Inclusion and Diversity in Publishing.

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